Backdrop Banner Stands

8ft backdrop banners Vegas

Backdrop banner stands are used to hold up backdrop banners at your event or show. So what makes these backdrop banner stand hardware unique is that they can adjust to your backdrop sign. These backdrop sign stands are adjustable. So you can use one stand that allows for 8×8 banners and 8×10 banners. You can also purchase pop up displays that allow for the changing out of signs. These pop up signs come in a variety of sizes ranging from about 8ft wide to around 20 feet wide.

The City of Las Vegas is a top tier destination in the world for events and shows. it is the number one destination in the United States. More conventions and trade shows are held in Southern Nevada than any other place in the USA. So these events attract thousands of companies and vendors from all over. Because of this, millions of interested parties attend these shows from all over the world.

These large backdrop sign stands are perfect for the trade show booths and convention booths. They can fit the 8 foot wide and 10 foot wide display booths. They are easy to set up and take down. Their portability allows for them to be moved around to find that perfect location in your trade show display booth.

Backdrop Banner Stands
Backdrop Banner Stand Signs

Backdrop Banner Stands Can Also Come With Signs

Las Vegas area sign shops can do banner printing of fabric banners or vinyl banners. So they can custom make the signs or banners to fit the adjustable banner stand frames. The banner stand frames come with a carrying case. Which allows for easy transporting of your sign hardware.


Displaying businesses at the Las Vegas shows will have their large banner stands made in Las Vegas. This allows for easy pick up and to be worry free that your sign graphics show up on time or undamaged for your event.