Vegas Trade Show Big Banners

Las Vegas Exhibition Backdrop Banners

Vegas trade show big banners will get you noticed at your trade show venue. Companies and vendors will hang these trade show large banner signs over their display booths. So everyone in the venue can see your banner sign. It is a great way to get your company noticed. These Las Vegas banners come in many sizes to meet your display needs.

Trade show backdrop banners are also used a lot at the convention and trade show venues. The backdrop display banners are placed at the back of the display booths. So as people walk by and look at your set up. They see the large backdrop display sign and take notice of who you are and what you are promoting. In some cases they will make a large step and repeat banner sign with their company name on it. So then they have a few young Vegas showgirls standing in front of the banner. And invite you to have your picture taken with the young beauties.

Of course the name of the company is being shown in the background and helps you remember the company name. It is a cheap exploitative stunt but works very effectively. On step and repeat banners the name or logo of the company is alternately printed on the banner. So this allows the logo or name to be seen in the background from any angle. The Vegas step and repeat banners are also popular at the night clubs in Vegas for tourists to take pictures.

Vegas trade show big banners
Vegas tradeshow banners

How Are Vegas Trade Show Big Banners Made ?

Las Vegas convention banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material. Specials inks are used that bring out the bold colors of your design. The large banners are then hemmed on the perimeter for extra strength. So then grommets are added on the edges every two feet in order to make it easy to display the big vinyl banner. Fabric banner signs can also be made instead of vinyl banners.


Banners Las Vegas can be purchased at local banner printing stores at very reasonable prices. The banners Las Vegas can be ordered in advance of your event and be delivered to your event venue or hotel.