Vegas Step Repeat Background Banners

Vegas 8x8 Step Repeat Banners

Step repeat background banners are gaining in popularity. These step and repeat banners can be found at conventions and trade shows. Also, they can be found at night clubs where tourists take their pictures against the banner sign. Tourists love to have their pictures taken against landmarks. So they can show them off to their friends and family back home. Also, logos and names can be seen on the banner from no matter what angle the picture is taken. it is free publicity for the night clubs.

Step Repeat Background Banners Come in Different Sizes

Large step and repeat banners come in many different sizes. The most popular size is the 8ft x 8ft banner. This banner is big enough to have several people stand in front of for group photos. The 8ft tall x 10ft wide step and repeat banner is the next most popular size. This is generally used for team sports photos and large groups.

These fabric backdrop step and repeat banners can be seen at the rear of display booths at conventions. Companies like to have their names repeated over and over again on a banner. So that it can be seen from any angle. Also, these step and repeat signs can be made with vinyl banner material. The cost is about the same.

Turnaround time on a large fabric or vinyl step and repeat banner is about 3-4 days. Special large format printers are required for these enormous one piece signs. Be careful when choosing a sign company to print your signs and banners. Yelp 5 star rated Las Vegas Sign Companies or Google 5 star rated sign companies are the way to go. Middleman promise signs and banners but rely upon sign shops to complete the order. It is best to go directly to the sign company.

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