Vegas Dust Control Sign Printing

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Vegas Dust control sign printing can get you those dust permit signs printed for your construction project. These dust permit signs are made by the hundreds every year for all the building projects taking place in Clark County. The Department of Environment and Sustainability requires these dust control signs to be made for your construction project. Your local dust sign maker can make these Clark County dust signs fast and cheap.

Your construction project can be stopped or cited for not having the proper construction signage. Many construction sites have been shut down because of safety violations. So make sure you are in compliance with Clark County before starting a building project. Nobody wants the govt mad at you while you are building a house or building.

Vegas Dust Control Sign Printing

Which Government Agency Regulates Dust Control Sign Printing in Clark County ?

Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability regulates the air quality in Las Vegas.  And has determined that construction causes dust to be moved about and placed into the air the Southern Nevadans breathe. Consequently, to avoid unnecessary dust.  Clark County Dept of Environment and Sustainability has specific rules and regulations. Regarding the dust that a construction site can release into the air. Part of the requirement is to have a dust class on the subject. So that people can become aware of the dust issues and comply with keeping the dust from going into the air. Remember, this is the air we all breathe in Clark County.

Another part of the requirements is to have a dust control permit sign measuring 4ft x 4ft to be made.  And installed on premises for any construction project less than 10 acres. These dust signs require certain information on them such. So like contact information for the responsible party.  Also project information and permit number.  And also when the permit is good for.


Dust permit sign printing is not expensive.  As a 4ft x 4ft dust sign is less than one hundred fifty dollars. ( mounted on a double sided aluminum panel) Vegas contractors seem to like the aluminum signs as they are easier to mount on site.  Also  the signs last longer than wood dust signs since aluminum weathers so much better than wood. Many ties a dust control sign will get damaged at a construction site. A big piece of machinery runs it over and an aluminum sign can be straightened out. But then rehung afterwards while a wood dust sign splits into pieces.

Contact a local sign company in Vegas if you require a dust permit sign. Or need more information on what it takes to make one.