Table Cloth Banners Vegas

Table cloth banners Vegas are use to cover those scratched and dented tables. At the events and shows in Southern Nevada. The table cloth signs are custom made to fit the 6ft or 8ft tables found at these events. So the table cover signs are printed in full color. meaning you can print as many colors on the table banner as you like. So this also includes images, logos and pictures. As many vendors and companies like to print their company name and logo on the front of these table banners. So they also print their name and logo on the sides of the table cloth sign. So this way as people approach from the front or sides they get to see who you are quickly.

The tablecloth signs are printed on a polyester material. So this allows for a wrinkle free appearance. And best of all it can be machined washed. So it will look fresh and new for the next show use. The table cloth signage also comes in many varieties. There is the 3 sided table cloth and the four sided table cloth. The three sided table cloth sign allows for you to sit behind the table and place your feet underneath. The four sided table cloth does not allow you to sit behind and place your feet underneath. It is mainly for placing items on top of like literature and foam boards. There is also the stretch table cover sign that almost seems like a wrap of the table.

Table Cloth Banners Vegas
Tablecloth Banners Vegas

Table Cloth Banners Vegas Are Not Expensive

The three sided table cover signs cost around $150.00. The 4sided table cloths signs in 6ft or 8ft styles cost $165.00. The average turnaround is about 3 working days. As it takes a special printer to print on cloth. Your local Las Vegas sign printing company will have more information on these great event signs.

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