Las Vegas Very Large Banners For Being Seen.

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Las Vegas very large banners are available in Las Vegas. These Las Vegas large banners come in full color. So they are large and can be seen from a very long distance. Also making them a great opportunity for a marketing plan if you have the room to put them up on your building. Traditionally, these very large banners were only installed on billboards and you had to pay the monthly rental fees. But smart entrepreneurs are instead placing them on their buildings and saving the monthly rental fees.

Las Vegas Very Large Banners

Las Vegas Banners

How Are Las Vegas Very Large Banners Printed ?

Las Vegas large banners are printed on very large printers. Since the banners can be printed at a fast speed, the cost of banner printing is minimal. The cost of very large banners is approximately $3.00 a square foot in Las Vegas. This $3.00 a sq. ft. price includes free grommets and a reinforcing of the outer perimeter of the banner, also known as hemming. Las Vegas large banners come full color. So that means you can have as many colors you want on the banner, including background colors. Pictures and images can also be printed on the banner signs.

Businesses with room on the outside of their buildings are using them in similar fashion to the casinos on Las Vegas Blvd. We have all seen the casinos with these monstrous banners.  On the outside of their hotels going down the length of their building advertising their food and entertainment specials. Now, businesses with room on their buildings are using the same approach. As long as the business has room with a good, unobstructed view for people to see, businesses are using this strategy. For those businesses with a building next to the freeway, they are seeing additional customers because they literally have thousands of people passing by on the freeway everyday. The main freeway in Las Vegas, Interstate 15, has hundreds of thousands of cars passing by everyday.  And they will take notice of your very large banner and its advertisement.


Large banner signs are a great way to advertise if you have the room. They are very cost effective and can be seen from far away. Which makes them a great advertisement tool if you are located on a major street or adjacent to the freeways. Find a 5 star rated Banner Sign Printing company in Vegas to print your banners.