Las Vegas Nevada Vinyl Mesh Banners.

Las Vegas Nevada mesh vinyl mesh banners are necessary in high wind areas. Where regular vinyl banners just will not hold up. Mesh vinyl banners allow for the wind to go through the banner instead of pressing up against the vinyl banner. So there is less stress to the vinyl banner.

Las Vegas Nevada Vinyl Mesh Banners

Las Vegas Banners

What Are Las Vegas Nevada Vinyl Mesh Banners Printed on ?

Las Vegas Nevada vinyl mesh banners are usually printed with a 10oz vinyl banner material.  And then printed on with eco solvent or latex inks. These eco solvent and latex inks allow for maximum color vividness and long lasting colors. So the colors are guaranteed for 2 years in the outdoors. This is especially important in Las Vegas where the temperatures get well into the 100’s during the summer months.  And the heat and direct sun light have a detrimental effect on things.

The reason businesses use mesh banners is for outdoor purposes where wind is an issue. The mesh vinyl banner allows for wind to go through the banner instead of allowing wind to put pressure on the vinyl banner ( which cause failure at the grommets where the banner attaches ). These mesh banners are usually strung between posts and trees and face the Las Vegas environment daily.

Traditional Vegas banners are a solid banner material using a 13 ounce vinyl that is best used when they can be mounted against a solid wall or building so that no air gets between the banner and the mounting backdrop. Mesh vinyl banners are very common on construction sites where these banners can be mounted to the chain link fences that surround a construction site. The wind goes right through the banner and the mesh banner will last a long time and can be used over again at another job site.

Las Vegas banner printing can be found at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area.