Las Vegas Dust Control Signs

Las Vegas dust control signs are mandated by the Clark County Dept. Of Environment and Sustainability. So these dust control permit signs are mandated and must contain certain information per Clark County.

The Dept of Environment and Sustainability want to have the project name and permit number on each sign. So along with this information there is other mandated information. So the text and layout have to be in a certain format to be in compliance. In addition text size is mandatory to be in compliance with Clark County.

Las Vegas Dust Control Signs
Vegas Dust Control Signs

How Are Las Vegas Dust Control Signs Made ?

Clark County dust signs are 4ft x 4ft signs. The Dept. of Environment recently changed their requirements from larger required signs to smaller signs. The signs are printed on a large vinyl sticker that is then applied to a double sided aluminum panel. This aluminum panel is weatherproof and will not rust. The sticker is then laminated to help protect it against scratches and helps it keep looking new. The typical dust permit sign has to last for the length of the project. So this means less than half a year. The signs can be updated rather than replaced if the construction goes longer than the permit allows.

The dust permit signs are usually supported by two 4×4 wood posts or wired to a chain link fence. Due to the high winds that Las Vegas has it is best to support the dust sign with 2×4’s in a cross brace style.

Same day dust signs are available in Las Vegas. Sometimes things happen and the dust sign needs to be put up quickly or the construction project can be shut down and fined. If this is the case your local Las Vegas sign company has the ability to make the dust sign on a expedited basis.