Large Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Large Banners

Large Outdoor Vinyl Banners are being used by many successful businesses to help advertise their business. Instead of using billboards, businesses are using their buildings as a billboard. So by placing large outdoor vinyl banners on them. This way, instead of having to pay monthly billboard rental bills, there are no more payments associated with advertising. Since the large outdoor vinyl banners are designed to last a long time.  Getting a year or so out of the banner should be no problem because the outdoor vinyl banners are printed with long lasting inks. In addition, these inks are specifically designed for outdoor usage to prevent fading in the hot Las Vegas sun.

Are Large Outdoor Vinyl Banners Expensive ?

Outdoor vinyl banners are not very expensive. The average cost for large outdoor banners is about $5.00 a square foot. The price includes hemming and having grommets strategically placed every 24″ across the banner. In order to make for easy installation of the vinyl banner. Hemming is the process of reinforcing the perimeter of the banner. Usually folding over the end and taping or stitching the two layered material together. This is important, because it reinforces the area where the banner is secured to the mounting substrate.

Outdoor vinyl banners can be full color ( meaning you can have as many colors you want on the banner ). And can also have pictures or images printed on the banner as well. If you are a lawyer, you could have your personal picture placed on the banner. So that potential customers could see your handsome face or hones facial features.

Getting outdoor vinyl banners made to your custom size is not a problem. 15 foot x 40 foot is not a problem and you can have your banner made in any size to match your needs. To find a large banner maker in Las Vegas, simply look online with the key term ” Las Vegas Large Banners ” and the Google Banner sign store search results will find a location near you. Yelp 5 star rated banner store in Vegas can also be searched.