Discount Vegas Vinyl Banners

Vegas tradeshow display printing

Discount Vegas vinyl banners work great for local businesses trying to advertise. In these difficult economic times local stores are turning to old fashion advertising. Instead of high priced radio or print ads. Stores are electing to go with signage. So these Vegas banner signs can last for well more than a year in the desert environment. The vinyl banners can be any size and can meet most stores budget.

The vinyl banners are full color and many different colors can be printed on these banner signs.Using vibrant and bright colors will get your Las Vegas banner noticed.

Discount Vegas Vinyl Banners
Discount Vegas Banner Signs

Discount Vegas Vinyl Banners Are Made With Full Color Banner Printing

Vegas banner printing is performed on a durable 13 ounce vinyl banner material. The inks used are specifically designed to last a long time both indoors and outdoors. So the inks are environmentally safe and ecologically sound. But the inks are also designed to withstand fading. Which is important when it gets very hot in the sun in Las Vegas. The inks used can withstand fading for over a year. The banners can be printed in full color. So this means you can have the vinyl banner signs printed in any combination of colors. Also pictures and images can be printed on the banner as well.

Vegas banner signs are finished by hemming the perimeter for additional strength. So then grommets are placed on the perimeter of the banner every 2 feet on all four sides. This allows for easy hanging or displaying of the banner.


Las Vegas stores are placing these large banner signs on their buildings to advertise. The banners can be seen from far away. As people are driving by they can see the advertisement on the banners. Considering that thousands of people travel the main street like Sahara and Rainbow every day. The cost per view of your banner sign is minimal. Smart stores are rotating their banner signs. So that they can always have a fresh marketing message in front of the public. Contact a local Vegas banner store today for more information.