Convention And Trade Show Banner Stands

Vegas banner stand sign displays

Convention and Trade Show Banner Stands in Las Vegas are extremely popular at the Las Vegas trade show and convention venues. These retractable banner stands are seen consistently throughout the shows. Because they offer the consumer the ability for a large display graphic to be placed anywhere in the booth. So this versatility of placement is important. Because of the small display booths at the convention venues.

Convention And Trade Show Banner Stands
Retractable Banner Stands

Convention And Trade Show Banner Stands Come In Different Sizes

Las Vegas banner stands come in many sizes. The most popular size banner stand for the conventions and trade shows. Seem to be the 33 inch by 78 inch model that has the adjustable pole for height adjustment. This height adjustment pole allows for the perfect fit on your stand.  So that no excess material is shown that distracts from the design. It allows for the perfect display fit.  These very popular retractable banner stands cost less than $125.00   However, these banner stands come in many sizes from approx. 2 feet wide to about 5 feet wide with different heights. Sometimes, a vendor will ask for an exceptionally large graphic be divided into two graphics. So then placed on banner stands and then have the banner stands placed next to each other. Allowing the two stands to be looked at as one large image.

Banner stands Las Vegas can be made very quickly and often the same day. Sign stores in Las Vegas recognize that the show must go on and often vendors find themselves without their banner stands. Because of product failure, lost graphics or simply because their banner stands were shipped to a different location. In such cases, banner stands are made quickly to assist the customer.


Take advantage of banner stands as they are a great way to show off your company  and your products and services. These compact graphics extend to very large sizes and can be printed with a multitude of colors and pictures. So picking up your signs and Las Vegas banners from a local sign shop is easy. Many of them are located near the trade show venues for convenience. Delivering your signs is also a possibility.