Best Convention Signs In Las Vegas

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Best convention signs will get your convention booth display noticed at the many events and shows in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is synonymous with fun and entertainment. But it’s also a top destination for trade shows and conventions. In the heart of the desert, various businesses come to showcase their products and services. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip, it’s important for displaying companies to make a memorable impression. One of the most powerful tools they have is convention signs. These Vegas signs and Las Vegas banners attract the attention of the attendees. The convention signs and convention banners help identify your business and what you are promoting. It shows the attendees at these events who you are.

Best Convention Signs
Best Convention Signage

Types of Convention Signs

Retractable banner stands are a trade show sign staple, known for their portability and easy set up. At Las Vegas conventions and trade shows. These portable sign displays can be set up quickly and feature striking graphics and a specific marketing message. The Las Vegas banner stand height ensures that your booth can be seen from afar, even amidst the bright lights and crowds. The retractable banner stands Vegas take up very little space but yet produce a lot of signage. The most popular economical banner stand is the 33×78 sign. So this banner stand has about 17 square feet of printable space for text and pictures.

Stand up banner stands come in many different models to meet your marketing needs. So they also come in economical and deluxe models. All the retractable banners come with a carrying case for easy transport. The banner stands are easy to set up. The sign graphics are full color. So you can print as many vibrant and bold colors with pictures on them as you like.

Pop up displays work like magic in Las Vegas trade shows. They can be set up in just a few minutes or so. Changing your booth into a captivating visual display of your brand. With ample space for large, high-quality graphics, these sign displays convey your message vividly. The tension fabric displays come in kits. So all you have to do is walk into a venue and set it up in a few minutes. No expensive union labor is needed. These tension fabric displays or convention backdrop displays can just have the fabric banner replaced rather than the whole kit. So this saves a lot of money if you change your marketing messages.

Table Cover Cloth Signs Are Very Popular At Vegas Conventions

Table throw signs or table cloth signs serve a dual purpose: aesthetics and functionality. Custom table cloth signs drape over your display tables, adding a polished and cohesive look to your booth. In Las Vegas, where presentation is important, table throws can be printed with your logo, brand colors, or messaging. So thus making your booth instantly recognizable and professional looking. The table cover signs cover the standard 6ft and 8ft tables. The table throw signs can be purchased in three sided or four sided versions. The three sided table cloth sign allows you to sit behind the table. So the four sided table cloth sign allows for literature and foam board signs to be placed on top with easels.

The tablecloth signs can be printed in any color or combination of colors. Images and pictures can also be printed on the tablecloth signs as well.

More Convention Signs That Work Great For Displaying Companies

Las Vegas trade shows also use many vinyl banners for signage. These vinyl banners can be used at the rear of display booths as backdrop banners. The backdrop banners are usually very large. So common size backdrop displays are 8×8 backdrop banners and 8×10 backdrop banners. These Vegas banners can also be used on the sides of your convention booth or hung above the convention booth. Many times displaying vendors will place large vinyl banners above their booths. So these vinyl banners really get the attention of attendees.

The trade show backdrop banners can be made with a vinyl banner material or a fabric banner. The fabric banner allows for a wrinkle free appearance. So both these banner signs can be printed in full color with pictures and images.

Foam board signs make for great signage at conventions. These foam board signs are inexpensive and make for great temporary signage. So you can also get double sided foam board signs. The foam core signs come with a matte or gloss laminate to help protect the sign. The gloss really makes the colors vibrant, while the matte laminate does not reflect lighting. So these poster board signs are cheap and can be made quickly.


Las Vegas conventions and trade shows are a unique blend of business and entertainment. And it’s important to stand out among the competition at these events. Las Vegas convention signs and banners can do this for your company.

The key to having success at your event is to have the proper signs. Using vivid colors and clear and concise text and fonts will allow people to understand your signs more easily. So using an easily readable font helps people to understand your marketing message as well.

Delivering your signs and banners to the convention venue can be arranged. But try to give the local sign shop a little time to make the signs during the busy convention season.