8 x 8 Banners Vegas

8 x 8 banners Vegas

8 x 8 banners Vegas are great for backdrop banners. These 64 square feet banners are plenty big enough to be seen from far away and get your message across. The banners offer a full color printing with as many colors printed on it as you like. So the 8ft x 8ft banners also allow for images and pictures to be printed on them. The large banners can also be printed in other sizes.

These large 8ft banners are the perfect size for the back of display booths at the tradeshows. Tradeshow backdrops are increasing in popularity. They can be seen at most trade shows in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of events and shows per year in Las Vegas. These shows attract people and businesses from all over the world. While Las Vegas is known for gambling and entertainment. But many people do not realize that Vegas is a major destination for tradeshows and conventions. So the Las Vegas business community has decided to bring people into the area by offering events and shows. They have built three very large event venues with over one million square feet of floor space. So these events venues can handle the biggest conventions in the world. In fact CES, Sema and other very large conventions take place in Vegas every year.

8 x 8 banners Vegas
8ft banners Vegas

8 x 8 Banners Vegas Are Not Expensive

The large 8×8 banners can be had in Vegas for about $3.00 a square foot. it is much cheaper to have the banners printed locally than it is to ship in to Vegas. The banners would be 8ft long and cost a lot of money to ship. Since most of the large banners are thrown away after an event. It only makes sense to have it printed here. You can bring your own adjustable banner stand for displaying the 8ft banner or buy one in Vegas. These stand alone banner stands are self standing and can be placed anywhere in your display booth.


Large banner printing allows you to get vinyl banners cheap and fast in Las Vegas. Arrangements can be made for delivery of your vinyl banners as well.