Vegas Trade Show Sign Printing

Las Vegas exhibition signs

Vegas trade show sign printing is popular for all the events and shows in Las Vegas. Trade shows and conventions need lots and lots of signs and banners. The companies like to have their signs and Las Vegas banners made in Las Vegas. So this having Las Vegas sign companies making these signs saves a lot of money on shipping signs into Las Vegas. It also takes the guess work out of whether your signs and banners will come at all or show up damaged. So many times signs shipped into Las Vegas will show up damaged. So that is why Las Vegas area sign shops offer same day sign printing and rush banner printing. There is a huge demand for it during the long trade show season.

Vegas trade show sign printing
Vegas sign printing and Vegas Banner Printing

Vegas Trade Show Sign Printing Offers Many Types of Signs

Foam core board signs are a major type of sign used at trade show events. These foam board signs are fragile and that is one reason companies like to have the signs made locally. So these fragile poster board signs get damaged frequently during the shipping process. Retractable banner stands are another trade show signage that is very popular among vendors and companies displaying at events. The banner stands come in a variety of sizes. The pull up banner stands also are self standing. So that allows them to be placed anywhere because they stand alone. Vinyl banners and poster signs are also in demand at these events. Usually these types of signs are used for one event and then simply thrown away afterwards. So new signs are then created for the next event.


Same day trade show signs are also available in many cases. As discussed, often foam board signs and Vegas banners will show up in Vegas damaged or not at all. Fortunately there are several sign shops close to the convention venues. They have modern sign making equipment to do banner printing and sign printing fast and cheap. Delivering your signs to the event venues can be arranged.