Vegas Tablecloth Signs

Vegas tradeshow signs and banners

Vegas tablecloth signs are being used with frequency at the numerous Vegas trade shows and conventions. The companies and vendors at these events. Like the custom table cloth signs in order to cover the scratched and scuffed tables at the event venues. They are designing these full color table cover signs with their logos in the front of the sign and on the sides. So this way every body approaching can easily see who they are. Also when they are standing in front of your display booth, they know exactly who you are. These full color table cover signs can be printed in any color or combination of colors. In addition, you can print logos and pictures on the table cloths as well. These table signs are a great way to get noticed.

These Las Vegas table throw signs can be used multiple times at different events. The signs are machine washable. So after every event, simply machine wash your table cloth. So it looks fresh and new for the next event. The signs are easy to set up. They simply get thrown over the table that you want to cover like a picnic table cloth. The table cloths come in the popular 6ft tablecloth sign size and the 8ft table cover sign.

Vegas tablecloth signs
Vegas table cloth signs

Vegas Tablecloth Signs Are Not Expensive And Display Very Well.

The table cloth signage is very reasonably priced. It is for a full color print that will last a long time. They come in the popular 6ft and 8ft sizes. The cost is about $150.00. Also the table cover signage comes in the popular 3 sided version and 4 sided version. The 3 sided table throw sign allows for you to sit behind the table and place your feet underneath. The four sided table cloth allows for you to cover the entire table to the floor. So you can put literature and other material on top for display.


So order your table throw cover signs in advance. As they take a few days to print and stitch.