Vegas Foam Posterboard Printing

Foam posterboard printing is being used a lot at the conventions and trade shows. Vendors and companies displaying at these events love the look and price of these foam board signs.

Hundreds of conventions and trade shows happen annually in Las Vegas. These shows attract the biggest and best companies from around the world. They come here to display their products and services to the millions of people that attend. These attendees love coming to Vegas because of all the fun that can be had after the conventions. In addition Las Vegas has year round good weather.

Vegas Foam Posterboard Printing
Vegas Foam Poster Board Printing

Is Vegas Foam PosterBoard Printing Expensive ?

Vegas foam poster board printing is not expensive. Companies displaying at the event venues like these temporary signs. Because they are low cost and look so professional. They like to have them printed by a Las Vegas Yelp 5 star rated sign shop. Also by having the sign printed in Vegas, they can save lots of money on shipping charges. Foam board signs are fragile because they are made of foam with a outer layer of paper. So because of their fragility, they often will be damaged during the shipping process.

Poster board signs are printed in full color. This means you can have printing in any color. Also logos and pictures can be printed on the foam board signs. The poster boards can be custom made to any size you like. The poster boards come in sheets of 4ft x 8ft. If your design print is larger than that. They simply break apart your print and then assemble it together for a size of your choice.

Foam board signs are a great way to go for signage at a convention. These temporary signs can simply be tossed out after an event. Contact your local Vegas sign store today to get quoted on these signs.

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