Vegas Convention Sign Displays

Trade show banner stand sign printing

Vegas convention sign displays are needed at the convention venues. There are hundreds of conventions and trade shows that happen annually in Las Vegas. That attract thousands of vendors and companies. These companies display the newest gadgetry and innovations to the public to draw interest in their products. So millions of people come to these events to see the newest products and upcoming technology. So many signs and banners Las Vegas are needed to display these products and technology.

Convention booth backdrop 8ft sign displays are very popular at the conventions. These 8ft sign displays come in a curved or straight version. The frame is set up and then the fabric material is placed on top of the frame. So this allows for a tight fabric display that is wrinkle free. The set up time for a 8ft backdrop sign display is about 10 minutes. These signs come in a travel bag that allows you to walk into a convention venue with them.

Convention 10ft backdrop displays are also available in the curved and straight versions. These 10 ft displays are usually placed in the background. So this way people can see them as they walk by and take notice of your display. The fabric prints are full color. So this means you can have as many colors or combination of colors on the fabric as you want. In addition pictures and images can be printed on the convention fabric sign displays.

Vegas convention sign displays
Vegas Signs and Vinyl Banners

Vegas Convention Sign Displays Are Easy To Set Up.

The Las Vegas trade show booth sign displays are not difficult to set up. The sign displays come with a frame that assembles. So then a fabric print is stretched over the frame to give it a wrinkle free appearance. The set up time for two people is less than 10 minutes. So since the whole sign display comes with a travel bag, it is easy to transport and set up.

You can also purchase foam core board signs, stand up banner stands and vinyl banners from local sign companies. All these types of signs are used quite frequently at event venues to promote products.


Your local Las Vegas sign display company will have more information on these trade show and convention signs. Delivery of your event signage can be arranged to your location. Local signs hops can also assist in setting up the signs and banners as well. So just ask your local sign company for assistance.