Vegas Convention 8ft Backdrop Signs

Vegas convention 8ft backdrop signs are needed for the back of display booths at Las Vegas conventions. The companies and vendors display at the hundreds of trade shows and conventions in Vegas like to have these large backdrop banners at the back of their booths. The companies will either print their name and logo on the banner for branding purposes. Or they will print pictures of their product lines on the Vegas banners. So this way the guests get to see very easily what products they are promoting. So this way they will stop and inquire about the products.

These tradeshow backdrops can be a multitude of sizes. The most common size Vegas convention backdrops are the 8ft x 8ft backdrop banner, the 8ft x 10ft backdrop banner and the 8ft x 20ft backdrop banner. These backdrop signs can be printed on a fabric or vinyl banner. And then displayed by using a adjustable banner stand. The large backdrop signs also come in kits. The kit includes hardware, print and carrying case. Many companies prefer these total kits because they can walk right into a venue with them. So then they can set the backdrop signs up themselves

Vegas Convention 8ft Backdrop Signs Are Not Expensive

A 8×8 banner sign cost around $192.00 This includes your choice of having it finished with grommets or pole pockets. Pole pockets allow a pole to slide through the pocket and be displayed. So with grommets the large banner is usually displayed with grommets and zip ties. The 8ft x 10ft banner sells for around $240.00 or about $3.00 a square foot. The 8ft x 20 ft straight tradeshow backdrop display sells for around $1100.00 and comes in a complete kit.

Your local Las Vegas sign company will have additional information on convention backdrops and tradeshow backdrop signage.