Trade Show Tablecloths

Custom Table Cloth Signs

Trade show tablecloths are being used a lot at the many events and shows held in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the king of trade shows and conventions. Thousands of businesses and vendors come to Las Vegas every year to showcase their products and technology. So this in return attracts millions of attendees from all over the world. The biggest conventions held in Las Vegas are the Consumer Electronic Show and Sema. These events alone attract hundreds of thousands of attendees. The newest products and gadgetry get put on display at these events.

In this competitive business environment, every element of your display matters. So a custom trade show table cloth sign is a good first step in getting noticed.

Trade Show Tablecloths
Custom Trade Show Table cloth Signs

Why Are Trade Show Tablecloths A Good Fit At Trade Show Events.

First impressions are very important in the world of business. When attendees approach your trade show booth, the first thing they see is your table. So a table cloth sign will be noticed right away. As the table cloth cover sign lays over the table and has your company name or logos on it. A well-designed and strategically branded tablecloth instantly conveys professionalism and brands your company. Your trade show sign lets everybody know who you are.

While your company’s logo is important part of your branding. It is not the only element that defines your brand. Custom trade show tablecloth signs allow you to extend your branding beyond the logo by incorporating colors, names and logos to help identify your company. This comprehensive approach ensures that your brand is not only recognized but leaves an impression upon attendees visiting your event booth.

Trade shows are are very busy and attendees are overwhelmed visiting all the trade show booths. A table cloth sign can help you stand out among the competition. Vibrant colors, unique designs, and eye-catching graphics will draw attendees’ attention and make your booth memorable. It’s your chance to make a statement and be the booth people talk about long after the event ends. Vibrant colors attract attention and so does clear and concise text. easy to read fonts are necessary as people are tired at these events. So make your trade show signs easy to read.

A generic tablecloth might convey the message that you’re just another exhibitor. On the other hand, a custom tablecloth speaks volumes about your business and who you are. It shows that you’re prepared for your event and are putting your best foot forward to get the attendees attention.

Table Cloth Signs Are Easily Maintained And Can Be Used Many Times

Custom trade show tablecloths are designed to be durable and easy to maintain. They are machine washable and will look fresh and new for the next event. The fabric used is a polyester material that allows for a wrinkle free appearance. So the custom table cover sign will always look good and represent your company well.

The custom table cloth signs are designed to fit numerous tables. So this includes the popular 6ft and 8ft models. The table cloths can be 3 or 4 sided depending upon your needs. The three sided table cover sign allows for you to sit behind the table and place your feet underneath. The four sided tablecloth sign allows for literature and foam board signs to be placed on top.

Compared to many other trade show signage, trade show table cloth signs offer excellent value for money. They are a one-time investment that pays off in terms of brand recognition and the ability of attendees to know exactly who you are as they approach. In addition, the tablecloth signage allows you to draw attention to yourself. Plus the table cloths will cover scratched and dented tables and make them look professional.

Investing in custom trade show table cover signs is a smart move because they are versatile and reusable. Unlike disposable options, custom tablecloths can be used at multiple events. So providing a long-term branding solution that saves you money in the long run.


Convention table cloth signs are a powerful visual stimuli to attract attention to your event booth. They are reusable and a cost effective sign that many businesses rely upon at events. They are able to make a old, scratched table look like new. Trade show signs reflect the professionalism of your company and help with branding.

Many businesses coming into Las Vegas for events will just order ahead of time their signage and pick the event signs up upon arrival. Also, delivery of your signage can be arranged to your event venue or hotel. So many times the shipping companies will charge exorbitant amounts for shipping. In many cases, the signs and banners show up damaged or not at all. Las Vegas sign companies are here in Vegas to assist you in having a successful event.