Table Cloth Signs Vegas

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Table cloth signs Vegas are great for covering those scratched and dented tables at events and shows in Vegas. The custom printed table cloth signs are great for getting you noticed at these events. The table cloths signs are easy to use. And only take a minute to throw over a table and make it look impressive.

The table cloth sign Vegas can be printed in any color. Images and pictures can also be printed on the table cover. The table cover signs are full color. So this means you can print as many colors or combination of colors on the cloth as you like.

The table cover signs Las Vegas come in the standard 6ft or 8ft sizes. The 6ft table cloths can be purchased in 3 sided or 4 sided. Depending upon your needs. So the 3 sided table covers allow you to sit behind the table and place your feet under the table. The 4 sided table cloth signs are great for display. But you cannot sit behind them becasue the material does not allow you to place your feet under the table. 8ft table cloth signs are also available in the 3 sided or 4 sided version.

These custom printed table covers are a great way to identify yourself at events. Most people will place their company name and logo in the front of the cloth. So this allows everybody looking at you to know who you are. The company name and logo are also printed on the sides of the table cloth. So this allows everybody approaching to see who you are.

Table Cloth Signs Vegas
Custom Table Cloths Vegas

Table Cloth Signs Vegas Are Long Lasting

The custom table cloth signs are long lasting. They are machine washable. So they will look fresh and new after every event. Simple washing instructions are included or you can take them to a dry cleaners.

Contact your local sign company specializing in trade show and convention signs about these great table covers. They will get you noticed.