Las Vegas Event Display Signage

Low priced vinyl banners

Las Vegas event display signage is needed for the event venues in Las Vegas. These event venues keep busy year round and especially during the trade show season. The season is November through May. So this is when the most Las Vegas trade shows and events take place in Las Vegas. During this time period, there are hundreds of events and shows that attract millions of attendees. One of the biggest shows is the Consumer electronic Show that takes place early January. This event alone attracts the top companies in the world to display their products. All the new electronics and gadgetry get displayed at this event. Many different types of Las Vegas signs and Las Vegas banners are needed for this show.

Las Vegas Event Display Signage
Las Vegas Signage

What are The Types Of Las Vegas Event Display Signage

  1. Las Vegas Banners are being used at the trade show events. these vinyl banners can be custom banners designed to any size you need. Ranging from 1×1 banner signs to 10x100ft banner signs. The banners are one of the most popular graphics used at event venues. As they are cheap in price and very versatile. The banners can be full color and have pictures printed on them. They make for wonderful event backdrop banners. The backdrop banners are usually 8ft x 10ft and placed at the rear of display booths. They get attention as people are walking by your display booth.
  2. Portable Banner Displays are retractable banner stands that come in a variety of sizes. These retractable banners are popular because they are self standing. Which allows them to be moved around very easily. Many businesses will simply have their employees walk into an event venue and set them up themselves. As set up time is about one minute.
  3. Foam Board Signs are temporary signage used at the event venues. These lightweight foamboard signs are perfect for promoting products. They are inexpensive and can be custom made to sizes to meet your marketing needs. The signs can be double sided foam board signage as well. Meaning you can hang these event signs so that they can be seen from either side approaching. They can also be placed into standing sign frames for displaying.
  4. Table Cloth Signs cover scratched and dented tables.

Designing Your Event Signs

The purpose of having signs is to make them appealing to your clients. The attendees that are going to these events are all stressed out over all the walking and barrage of information. So designing your event signs to make them appealing and easy to read is important. So it all starts with using top quality images for your pictures. A pixelated picture does not reflect well on your company or product.

The text used on your event signs need to be clear and concise. Attendees do not want to spend valuable time trying to sort though your text. It needs to be simple and to the point. Spacing is also important for the text so that it does not appear cluttered. The fonts used need to be easily readable. The attendees need to be able to read your sign clearly. As their time is important and they will not waste it trying to figure out your sign.

The use of colors is extremely important. Using vibrant and bright colors will get attention of the people. But the colors need to also be in the colors of your company or products. You want a uniform appearance of color coordination to show professionalism. So the use of colors can attract people from far away.

Size of Event Signage.

The bigger the better for signage. s the large signs and large banners can be noticed more easily. But there is only so much room in a event display booth for signs. So choose what signs and banners you want to make larger than the others. Many businesses attending the events will use background banners in their booths. These backdrop banners are generally 8×8 banners or 8×10 banners. So then they are displayed using an adjustable banner stand. The background banners can be vinyl banners or fabric banners. They can be displayed using grommets or have pole pockets placed at the top and bottom of the banner.

The retractable pop up displays come in a variety of sizes. The most popular retractable banner stand is the 33×78 stand. This retractable banners has about 17 square feet of printable space. So that is a lot of room for pictures and text. The images and text do not have to be large. Because the pull up banner stands are generally looked at up close.

The table cloth signs come in the popular 8ft and 6ft versions. The advantage of larger tables is that you can place more promotional information on top of them to disseminate.

Using Las Vegas Sign Companies For Your Signs

Having your Las Vegas convention signs made locally will save you a lot of money on shipping costs. The shipping expenses have increased dramatically in the last few years. Also, you run the risk of having your signs damaged while being shipped into Las Vegas. This is all too common occurrence that causes problems for displaying companies. When the signs do not show up damaged or on time, they go into panic mode. Same day sign printing or same day banner printing is necessary then to make sure the event or show goes on as scheduled. So that is another reason to use local sign shops.

las Vegas sign printers have modern sign making equipment to make your signs fast and with quality. These sign stores are generally located close by the event venues. So this allows for fast pickup or fast delivery of your signage. These sign stores have low prices and keep plenty of sign substrates in stock to be able to make your signs and banners. So give one of these sign businesses a call today and see how they can help you have a better event and get more business.