Las Vegas Custom Printed Table Cloths

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Custom printed table cloths are available in Las Vegas. Table cover sign printing makes a ordinary table cloth into a sign. These table cloth signs are made to cover a scratched old table with your name and products. So that you can easily be identified as people walk by. Also, table cloth printing can be any color. These table cloths are a staple at conventions and trade shows where tables are used.

Custom Printed Table Cloths
Table Cloth Signs

Are Custom Printed Table Cloths Expensive ?

Custom made table cloths are not expensive. They are a sign that can be used many times. Normal machine washing will have your table cloth looking fresh every time. The standard table cloth sizes are the 6ft table cloth. Also the 8 ft. table cloth. Table cloths are usually 3 sided so that you can comfortably fit your legs underneath when sitting down. However, the custom table covers can be made four sided. The cost of a custom printed table cover is about $150.00. The turnaround time for table cloth printing is about 3-4 days. Because special printers need to be used for printing purposes.

Table coverings are printed on a polyester material. So that allows for a wrinkle free look. These table cloths are stretchable and always look great. They can be printed in any color. Also they can have logos and pictures printed on them. Printing on the front of the table cloth and on the sides is normal. This way you can be noticed from all sides approaching. These table cover signs will get attention of people at your event.

Table cloth sign printing is available at Las Vegas sign companies. These sign companies that print convention signs and banners are generally located near the convention venues. Many offer delivery to the convention and trade show venues. Also being so close to the venues, it allows for easy and fast pick up of signage.

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