Large Sign Printing

Large sign printing can get you those 4×4 signs, 4×8 signs and large banners printed quick and cheap. Las Vegas sign shops make many different types of large signs. So as to meet various marketing needs.

Las Vegas realtors like the 4×4 metal signs and 4×8 metal signs for advertising their name on commercials properties. The realtors will place these large signs when they have a commercial property for rent or sale. Many times a sign will sell or lease the property. As interested parties take notice of these signs and inquire about the details. Las Vegas realtors like to place their company name. real estate license number and pertinent information about the property. So this information includes zoning, square footage and utilities available on site. The signs are prominently displayed to the public on the rental or sale location.

Large Sign Printing
Large Signs

Large Sign Printing Are Full Color Signs

Las Vegas signs are full color signage. So this means you can print as many colors on your Vegas signs as you like. So this also includes the printing of logos, pictures and images on your sign. The signs are printed with solvents inks that are designed to be long lasting. The signs are laminated so as to help protect the print on the sign. The laminate can be matte or gloss laminate. The substrate can be a variety of types. Such as aluminum, metal and wood. Many people like the aluminum signs because they are lightweight.

Large banners can also be a Vegas sign. Many stores and businesses will hang these large banners on their buildings. So this way they can be seen by the thousands of people driving by their location every day. Businesses adjacent to the freeways also like these big banner signs as they can be easily seen by vehicles driving on the freeway.

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