Event Backdrop Sign Displays

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Event backdrop sign displays are widely used at the events in Las Vegas. The vendors and companies displaying at these venues love these large sign displays. They have learned the value of having large backdrop signs in their event booths. Displaying companies place these large pop up displays at the rear of their vent booths. So this way, attendees can see the large displays as they walk by. If interested, they will stop and talk with a sales team member. So then the event sign can be referred to during the sales presentation.

These pop up displays or tension fabric displays are easy to set up. You can set these event signs up without having to hire expensive union labor. Many displaying companies have concerns regarding the hoops they have to jump through to have a backdrop display set up by event staff. So many businesses and vendors will simply have their employees and staff set up the tension fabric displays. It only takes a few minutes. As the backdrop displays come in a kit with carrying case. Walking into your event venue and setting up is no problem.

The trade shows and events attract thousands of vendors and businesses displaying their products and services. These event attract millions of people from all over the world. So getting the attention of the people attending is very important. As you are competing against many other companies for their time and future business.

Designing Event Backdrop Sign Displays

Designing a backdrop display is easy. You just need to follow certain criteria. First of all, there are many competitors vying for the attention of attendees. So your pop up display signs need to have vibrant and bold colors on them. This will make it easy to garnish attention from the attendees. The vibrant colors and all colors on the backdrop banners. Should be your product colors or company colors for branding purposes. Maintaining colors for branding purposes is important.

Using text that is not difficult to read is also important. You must remember who your target audience is. Many of these trade shows and events bring a international crowd. So these people may not understand difficult words. So keeping your event signs and pop up banners simple to read could enhance there understanding of your company. The text should be spaced so that it is easy to read. Using different colo text is also advisable for emphasis purposes. Perhaps a slogan or phrase could be in a different color to make it easy to read and stand out.

Using a readable font is also a wide choice. Choosing fonts that are easily readable will make it easy for people to understand your marketing message. As many people attending the events do not have a full grasp of the English language. Different fonts can be used . So as to make your marketing message more understandable.

Utilizing both sides of the sign can also work well for an event. Especially if many of the clients are from a different country. You could print English on one side of the sign and another language on the opposite side. This will allow more people to understand your marketing.

Event Backdrop Sign Displays
Event Backdrop Sign Displays

Types Of Event Backdrop Signs

Tension fabric displays are fabric banners over a frame. The tension fabric signs come in a kit with all the necessary hardware. The fabric banner is a full color print. So you can have lots of colors printed on the sign including pictures and images. The tension fabric displays come in many sizes to meet your marketing needs. The 8ft x 8ft fabric display and 8ft x 10ft fabric display are the two most popular models. They come in straight, curved or wavy designs. You can also get the backdrop banner displays in 20ft wide models.

Backdrop banners are also very popular. These are basically put together type signs. A large vinyl banner or fabric banner is printed. Then it is displayed on an adjustable banner stand at the back of event booths. The stands are easy to set up and only take a few minutes. The backdrop banners can be finished with hem and grommets or pole pockets.

Retractable banners are also considered event backdrops. The retractable banners come in many sizes. But you can have one large graphic and split it up and place the graphic on multiple banner stands. So then you simply place the banner stands next to each other . So then it looks like one large backdrop sign. This type of banner set up is called a banner wall. Retractable banner stands can also be double sided. So a double sided banner stand can be seen upon approach from wither way a customer is approaching your event booth. Also, double sided banner stands can have two distinct advertising messages on them. Since the events attract multinational attendees, you could have a double sided banner stand advertising in one language. So then on the other side a different language. So to capture more of the audience.


There are many sign shops in Las Vegas that have been established to service the trade shows. These sign stores that service the trade shows are usually near the convention venues. They purposely establish their locations close to the venues to be able to offer fast pick up or the signs. Or they can have the event signs delivered quickly to your event or hotel.

The companies displaying at these shows and events like to have their backdrop banners and tension fabric displays made in Las Vegas. So this saves a lot of money on unnecessary shipping expenses. Plus it also makes sure that your signs and banners will be ready in Las Vegas when you arrive. Because so often packages get damaged or lost in transit. Having the signs made locally makes sure they will be ready for use when you arrive. It also will save you money. As the sign shops in Vegas have modern sign making equipment. So give them a call today and order your signs.