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Dust signage Vegas

A Dust control sign is needed at new construction sites in Clark County. It is part of the requirements set forth by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. This govt. agency tries to limit the amount of dust. Going into the air at construction sites located in Southern Nevada. The desert has a lot of loose dust on the ground and when disturbed. It gets blown into the air. It goes into the air the all Southern Nevadans breathe. That is why on a windy day you can see on the outside of the city in the sky a brown type haze.

The dust permit sign must contain certain information on the dust sign. So this information includes the project name, permittee and permit number. Also the expiration date of the permit, contact information and acreage involved. The contact information is the responsible party’s phone number so they can be called for violations. If not, the Clark County govt. number is placed on the dust sign as well. They can then call the the Clark County dust people if violations occur. Buy usually, the responsible party stops it cold. As nobody wants the govt meandering on their construction site. Because that usually results in bad things happening. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability have the ability to shut down a construction site. They can also issue fines and work stop orders.

Dust control sign
Dust permit sign

Your Dust Control Sign Can Be Made Fast.

The normal turnaround time for a dust sign is a day or two. However, same day Vegas dust signs are possible in cases where something went wrong. When this happens, its best to be in compliance with the county rather than be shut down, Las Vegas sign shops understand this and will do their best in getting you your dust permit sign fast.


Installing your dust permit sign can be arranged through your local dust sign printer. So just ask.

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