Custom Table Cloth Signs

Custom Table Cloth Signs

Custom table cloth signs are being used at exhibition and events in Las Vegas. The convention and events business in Las Vegas is huge. Every year millions of people attend these shows. Thousands of businesses from around the globe display the newest products and gadgetry. So for this reason, three very large state of the event venues were built in Vegas. Many foam board signs, retractable banner signs and tablecloth signs are needed for these events.

These table cover signs are designed to cover dirty and damaged tables. So that when covered, they look new and fresh. But also the tablecloth signs also help identify your display booth. So people can see your table signs as they approach from the front or sides. The tablecloth signs are easy to set up. They simply are placed on a table to cover the top.

Custom Table Cloth Signs
Table Cloth Sign

Custom Table Cloth Signs Come In Many Styles

The most common sizes for the the trade show tables are the 6ft and 8ft tables. So you can order a 6ft table cloth cover sign or a 8ft table cloth sign. These table cover signs are full color. Meaning you can print solid or multiple colors on your custom table cover signs. But usually they are a single color design with your company name or logo on the front and sides of the table cloth. The name or logos can be any color. As people like a sharp contrast in colors so they are easy to understand.


So many different types of trade show signs and Vegas banners are needed for events. Your local Vegas sign company near the convention venues can offer foam board signs, banner stands and many other types of signage at great pricing. Many of the sign shops offer delivery to the hotels or event venues.