Vegas Trade Show Backdrop Banners

Sign backdrop printing Las Vegas

Vegas trade show backdrop banners are being used a lot at the exhibition venues in Las Vegas. The tradeshow backdrop banners are also being used at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. So since there are hundreds of events and shows held yearly in Las Vegas. You can imagine how many trade show backdrop banner signs are needed yearly for these events. You cannot walk through Las Vegas Convention Center without seeing many of these convention backdrop banners being used. So since the Las Vegas banners are cheap in price, the vendors and companies love to use them. They simply toss them away at the end of an event. The Las Vegas backdrop banners can be made in many different sizes.

Vegas trade show backdrop banners
Vegas tradeshow banners

How Are Vegas Trade Show Backdrop Banners Printed ?

Large format printers utilizing the newest technology print large vinyl backdrop banners. The inks used are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. The inks are long lasting and designed to bring out the bold and vivid colors of your design. The banners are printed on a heavy vinyl banner material and then grommets are added for easy displaying. Also pole pockets can be added to the top and bottom in order to be displayed.

Fabric backdrop banners are also available to be printed on a polyester material. The printing of trade show fabric banners allow for a display that is wrinkle free in appearance. Slight tension is added to the fabric banner so there is a slight stretch. Portable banner stands can be used to display the banner. So both the fabric and vinyl banners are full color signs. So that means you can have multiple colors on the banners as well as pictures and images.


Your local Las Vegas trade show backdrop banner store will have more information on these great types of signs. Give them a call today and have your signage ready when you come to Las Vegas. Delivery of your banners Las Vegas and backdrop displays can be made to your event venue.