Vegas No Trespassing Signs

Vegas No Trespassing Signs

Vegas no trespassing signs are needed in Las Vegas by property owners and businesses.  So as to be in compliance with county regulations regarding the posting of No Trespassing regulations. Clark County requires these signs to be in place.  Before any enforcement action can be taken against individuals trespassing on your property.

Businesses and individuals who own vacant land around the Las Vegas valley.  Always seem to find homeless people living on their property. Also children setting up their own playground or people illegally dumping, etc.  So one of the first things that the county law enforcement officials require.  Is that the necessary legal signage be in place. Not only to protect your property, but also to protect yourself from liability from people getting injured on your property. Nobody wants to have children playing on your property and then find themselves injured by broken glass.  And then defending yourself in court for not having a ” glass free environment”. Attorneys will argue all sorts of strange ideas and win thousands of dollars in damage.

Vegas No Trespassing Signs
Vegas No Trespass Signs

Using Las Vegas No Trespassing Signs To Be in Compliance With Laws

Vegas no trespass signs are made in compliance with county regulations, and are 18″ x 24″ in size. So that they can readily be seen. They are then mounted to a fence or a metal pole in the ground on the property. Las Vegas no trespass signs are usually orange in color ( so they are easily noticed) and are mounted on an aluminum substrate so that the signs does not get ruined in the outdoor weather. Wood or steel would rot and rust while an aluminum sign will not. Eco solvent or latex inks are used in the printing of the sign so that the inks do not fade in a short period of time.


These modern sign inks are made to last many years in the outdoor weather. So this is especially important since Las Vegas has a very warm summer and the sun destroys thing very quickly. Installation of your Clark County no trespass signs can be arranged through your local sign shop.