Vegas Dust Permitting Sign Classes

Dust signs

Vegas dust permitting sign classes are required by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The Clark County Dust class information can be found on their website. it is mandatory to have a responsible party assigned to a construction project. This responsible party is required to take a dust class. So as to learn how to keep dust and debris out of the air. The air that everybody breathes in Las Vegas. As construction dust is a major contributor of pollution in Southern Nevada.

The air quality dust signs need to be 4ft x 4ft. The Clark County dust permit signs must contain certain information on the sign. This information includes, permittee’s name, permit number and name of project. So in addition, expiration date, acreage and expiration date of the permit must be included on the sign. The lettering on the sign needs to be a certain height as well.

Vegas Dust Permitting Sign Classes
Vegas Dust Control Permitting Sign

Vegas Dust Permitting Sign Classes are Very Helpful.

The Clark County dust classes are very helpful in understanding the process of construction dust. They will teach you what is required to limit the amount of dust going into the air.

The dust permit signs are printed on a vinyl sticker that adheres to a dibond panel. A dibond panel is n aluminum panel that has the outer side made with aluminum and then a filler panel with composite materials. So this allows for a thicker type board that will last on a construction site. The construction companies like the metal dust sign because if it gets damaged, it can be straightened out and re-hung. The old wood dust signs are much heavier but splinter if ran over by construction equipment and have to be replaced.


Installing your Clark County dust control sign is possible. So just ask your local dust sign printing company for additional information. The sign company can also make you no trespassing signs, warning signs and many other types of construction signs for liability and informational purposes.