Vegas Corrugated Coroplast Signs

Vegas corrugated coroplast signs are considered medium life signs. These coroplast signs have a long life indoors and about a six month life outdoors. politicians all over the United States like these coroplast signs. As they are the main type of political signs being used during the political election cycle. These are the Vegas signs seen on the sides of the roads marketing politicians. They place these signs with their pictures and names on the sides of the roads to get your attention. They also use the corrugated signs for yard signs to place in supporter’s front yards. The theory being that if a neighbor shows support for a candidate, they will influence their neighbors. It is a tried and true method for politicians.

The Las Vegas coroplast signs are printed on an adhesive sticker and then applied to a 4mm coroplast substrate. The coroplast substrate is plastic and has flutes running the length of the signs. The adhesive sticker is laminated in a gloss or matte laminate to help protect the full color sign from scratches or scuffs. The full color coroplast sign means that you can print as many colors or combination of colors on the signs that you want. So this includes the coroplast sign printing of images and pictures on the signs.

Vegas Corrugated Coroplast Signs
Vegas Coroplast Sign

Vegas Corrugated Coroplast Signs Have Multiple Purposes.

Las Vegas coroplast signs are also used as temporary signage for local businesses. These Vegas signs make for perfect signage for short term marketing. They are water proof and are light weight. Many carpet cleaners and house buyers place ads on these coroplast signage and plaster them on telephone poles and fences to get your attention. The coroplast signage is cheap in price and liked very well by the business community. So contact your local Vegas sign printer for more information.