Vegas Construction Dust Signs

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Vegas construction dust signs are mandated by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. So they are needed when moving dirt to construct a house or building. Clark County and Las Vegas takes pollution very seriously.  So they have designed a county dept. on the rules and regulations. So this dept. regulates the dust that can be put into the air when doing construction. Failure to comply with the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability rules and regulations can cause fines.  And your construction project to be fined with a citation or shut down. So much more information can be learned from the Clark County Air Quality website.

Vegas Construction Dust Signs
Dust Control Signs

Las Vegas Construction Dust Signs Come in A Mandatory Size

Clark County dust control signs usually come in one size now.  A 4ft x 4ft dust permit sign is required.  On these signs, the text has to be a certain size along with certain wording on the sign as well.  Also the name of the project and expiration date of the project. So does your contact information, etc. need to be on the sign. The signs nowadays are generally made out of aluminum versus the older style MDO board ( wood). Construction companies like the lighter weight signs.  Because it only takes one person to install an aluminum sign. But in cases of where the sign gets hit or run over by large construction machinery or equipment. The aluminum dust permit sign can be straightened out. Versus having to replace a broken wood dust sign.

The cost of a 4ft x 4ft sign is $150.00  The Vegas dust sign is printed on a vinyl adhesive sticker and then laminated for protection against the weather elements. The aluminum is weather proof and can withstand rain and the intense heat of summer. If dust renewals are needed.  You can simply put a vinyl patch over the dust sign to give your dust sign more life. You can update the sign instead of making a a new dust permit sign.


Las Vegas dust signs can be made very quickly. The usual turn around time is approx 2 days. But same day dust signs can be made in cases of emergency. Installation of you Clark County dust control sign can be arranged.