Vegas Air Quality Dust Signs

Dust signage Vegas

Vegas air quality dust signs are regulated by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. These good people try to help construction projects by limiting the amount of dust and dirt that gets displaced into the sir. This dust disturbance is a major contributor of pollution in Southern Nevada. After all, we live in a desert with a loose topsoil. So when the topsoil gets lifted into the air, it pollutes the air we all breathe.

Clark County makes it mandatory to have a dust sign and a responsible party assigned to every construction site where dirt is being disturbed. The Clark County Dust Class schedule can be found at the link. So also a 4ft x 4ft dust permit sign is required to be placed on commercial and residential construction sites. This dust permit sign has to have certain information on it. So this information includes the permittee’s name, project name and contact telephone number. But also acreage, permit number and expiration date is also required on a Clark County dust permitting sign. The air quality dust sign must be placed in a easily visible location.

Vegas Air Quality Dust Signs
Vegas Air Quality Dust Permit Sign

Vegas Air Quality Dust Signs Can Be Made Fast And Inexpensively.

The cost of a Clark County dust permit sign is bout $150.00. The sign is made with a adhesive sticker that has a lamination on it to help protect the print. The sticker is then applied to a dibond panel. This dibond panel is a double sided aluminum panel with a feller in the middle . So this filler helps make the metal sign sturdy. If the dust sign needs update, your local sign company can make a sticker to go over the old information. So you do not have to buy a new sign.


If you need assistance with installing your construction signs, just ask you local sign company. They can also make those other construction signs like no trespass signs, warning signs, open trench signs, etc.