Vegas 8×8 Banner Printing

Vegas 8ft x 8ft banners

Vegas 8×8 banner printing can get you those large 8ft x 8ft vinyl banners. 8×8 step and repeat banners are very popular at night clubs in Vegas. These step and repeat banners are also popular at Las Vegas casinos. The tourists like to take selfies of themselves against these large backdrop banners and text them to their friends back home. This in turn has the friends coming to Vegas. Going to the same locations for their pictures against these large backdrop banners. So they can turn around and show their friends.

Vegas 8x8 Banner Printing
Vegas 8ft x 8ft Banners

Vegas 8×8 Banner Printing is great for Events & Shows

8ft x 8ft banners fit great at the rear of display booths at the convention venues. These backdrop banners can be displayed at the back of booths and draw the attention of people walking by. The banners can have pictures of products printed on them. Sales people can then refer people to the printed products. And the big backdrop banner becomes a marketing prop. The big banners can also be 8ft x 8ft step repeat banners with the company name and logo printed on them. The printing is staggered. So that from whatever angle you are looking the logo or name is shown in the background. Printing 8×10 banners is also popular for backdrop signs.

8ft x 8ft vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner substrate with eco solvent inks designed for both indoor and outdoor use. So these ecologically friendly inks are long lasting and bring out the vividness of a design. Fabric 8ft x 8ft banners are also available. Theses fabric banners are printed on a polyester material that allows for a wrinkle free appearance.

Using bright and vivid colors on your vinyl banners will help them get noticed at events. Also using clear and crisp pictures will make your banner graphic more appealable.


The big banners can be finished with hemming on the perimeter for added strength. So then grommets can be added on all four sides to make it easy to display. Also pole pockets can be made. So that a pole slides through the pockets at the top and bottom for hanging.

Checking around at the Vegas banner stores will get you the best price and quality.