Trade Show Vinyl Banners

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Trade show vinyl banners are being used at the Las Vegas convention Center, exhibits and trade show venues. In addition, they help support the marketing message for people promoting their goods and services at the trade shows.  Las Vegas vinyl banners are great for hanging in the back of booths. So as to give a visual representation of the products and what they are designed for. Most everybody at the las Vegas conventions use props in the background. So as to help support their marketing message.

Trade Show Vinyl Banners

Las Vegas Banners


Are Trade Show Vinyl Banners Expensive ?

Las Vegas banners are not very expensive.  They are considered a cheap effective sign. Also, they can be made with grommets or pockets for easy hanging at the conventions. The average price for a full color vinyl banner is around $5.00 a square foot. This would include grommets or pockets. Also full color on the banner ( meaning you can have as many colors you want on the banner ) and design of the banner. Most of the time for trade show banners, the banners design comes directly from the design department. From their company because they have access to all the logos and product pictures.

Trade show banners are printed on a 13oz vinyl banner material. With eco solvent or latex inks that last a very long time. These inks are designed for indoor or outdoor use and have a 3 plus year warranty. The 13 ounce vinyl banner material makes sure that the banner is tough and long lasting. The Las Vegas trade show banner signs can come with grommets or with pockets for easy displaying at your trade show. These large vinyl banners can also be used over and over again at the different conventions and trade shows.

To find large trade show vinyl banners in Las Vegas, simply use Google or Yahoo search engine with the search terms, ” large vinyl banners”, “Las Vegas large vinyl banners ” and an array of choices will appear in the search engine results. Look for Yelp 5 Star rated Banner Sign shops.