Quality Vinyl Banners Vegas

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Quality vinyl banners Vegas will lead you to the best Las Vegas banner printing. So these banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with solvent inks. The solvent inks are important because it allows for a long lasting print that is bright and vivid. Substandard inks will fade in the hot desert sun. So these solvent inks are designed to withstand the sun for a long time. The life expectancy of a vinyl banner is well more than a year in Las Vegas. The banners Las Vegas facing the west usually are the first to fade. Because of the amount of direct sunlight exposure. THe outdoor banners have a life expectancy of well over one year in Southern Nevada.

Quality Vinyl Banners Vegas
Banners Vegas

How Are Quality Vinyl Banners Vegas Finished ?

Las Vegas banners are finished with hemming of the perimeter of the vinyl banner. So this allows for extra strength on the outer edges where the grommets are placed. These grommets allow for easy displaying and hanging of your banner sign.

So the banners are printed in full color. This allows for any color or combination of colors to be printed on your banner sign. Also pictures and images can be printed on the vinyl banners as well. The vinyl banner signs are printed with large format printers capable of printing at very fast speeds with high detail. They can bring out the bold and vivid colors of your print. USing bright colors help draw attention to your Las Vegas banners.

These quality banners can be custom printed to any size you like. So from as small as 1ft tall x 2 feet wide all the way up to 10 feet tall by 50 feet wide. Many Las Vegas businesses close to the freeway will place very large banner signs on their buildings so that they can be seen from the freeway. The vinyl banners act like a huge billboard and really get the attention of the motorists passing by.


Your local banner printer can make these signs quickly and inexpensively. They can even assist in helping you to design your banner.