Property No Trespass Sign Vegas

Property no trespass sign

Property no trespass sign is needed in Las Vegas because of the increasing homeless population. It seems that Las Vegas Nevada has attracted hundreds, if not thousands of homeless people to the city. As a result, these people are living on the sidewalks and on vacant land. They are also breaking into homes and claiming they are renters and forcing people to take them to court to evict them. This situation is playing out all over the country.

So for the Police to do something about it, the property needs to have no trespassing signs. This way the Police can enforce NRS. section 207.200 and take the criminal trespassers to jail. But without a Nevada no trespass sign, the Police’s hands are tied. For a short term solution, you can go to one of he local hardware stores. And buy a plastic no trespassing sign and post it. Simply write the NRS 207.200 code on it. So this way the Police can enforce it.

Property no trespass sign
Property no trespassing sign

Property No Trespass Sign Vegas Can Be Made In Many Sizes

The most popular Clark County No Trespassing sign is the 18×24 sign. This sign is generally made on an aluminum substrate to make it last a long time. The sign is orange in color. So it stands out very easily. The aluminum allows the sign to be weather proof as it will not rust. The 4×4 no trespass signs are generally used on large vacant lots. So this allows the sign to be easily readable and assists the Police with enforcement. The 18×24 aluminum sign sells for around $25.00 and can be made very quickly. There is also a no dumping sign that is included on the no trespass sign to stop illegal dumping.


Installation of your Vegas no trespassing signs and no dumping signs can be arranged through your local sign company. You should also check with your insurance company to see if they offer discounts for having signs on your property.