Poster Board Foam Signs

Vegas tradeshow display printing

Poster board foam signs are a big hit at the many events and shows held in Vegas Nevada. The foam board signs are a staple for vendors and companies at these events. The Vegas signs are used for directional purposes and advertising. The foam poster signs are inexpensive but look very professional. So which are two of the reasons these foam core board signs get so much attention. The foam board signage are considered short term usage signs and most are simply thrown away after an event.

The displaying companies at these trade hows and conventions prefer to have their signage made in Vegas, especially foam board signs. The reason being is that it saves a lot of money on needless shipping costs. Also the foam boards are made with foam. So they are quite delicate and often get damaged during the shipping process. So throw in the fact that signs and banners also get damaged quite frequently and do not show up on time. it makes a strong case to have your Las Vegas signs and banners made in Vegas.

Poster board signs can be made in custom sizes to meet your marketing needs. Some of the most common sizes are the 18×24 poster board signs, 24×36 poster board signs and the 36×48 foam board signs. The signs are generally made in the 3/16th thick substrate. But there is a 1/2″ and 1″ thick substrates that work very well for stand up foam board signs.

Poster Board Foam Signs
Poster Board Foam Signage

Poster Board Foam Signs Can Be Made Quickly

Same day poster board signs are available in Las Vegas at select sign shops. These Las Vegas signs are available at sign shops that service the trade shows and conventions. These sign stores are usually located close to the event venues. So this allows for fast pickup or delivery of your signage.