Popular Las Vegas Convention Signs

Tradeshow booth display signs

Popular Las Vegas convention signs are abundantly on display at the many trade shows, exhibitions and conventions that occur in Southern Nevada.in Conventions and trade shows are huge in Las Vegas. Each year there are hundreds of these conventions and trade shows. Some of the events are small and some events like the Consumer Electronic Show are huge. The CES convention alone brings hundreds of thousands of attendees from parts the world. Theses attendees want to see the latest technology on display. So hundreds of the top businesses in the world attend these events and showcase their new product lines and technology.

Popular Las Vegas convention signs
Las Vegas convention signage

What Signs Are Popular at the Convention Venues

Retractable Banner stands are versatile, portable, and a very impressive sign. The roll up banners come in various sizes and with full color signs. Allowing you to display your product pictures or promotional offers in a prominent and visually stimulating manner. The retractable banner stands can also be used for company branding. These signs are perfect for drawing people attending the event to your booth and can be used at many other events. The popular banner stand size is the 33″ wide banner stand. This banner sign is full color, offers a telescopic pole for height adjustment and carrying case. The set up time for these Las Vegas retractable banner stands is less than a minute.

Pop up display signs are an excellent choice for creating a large backdrop signage. They are easy to set up and can feature high resolution graphics that showcase your company’s products. These convention signs are also known as tension fabric displays. The tension fabric displays come in kits that are easy to set up. Once a tension fabric display kit has been purchased, you can just replace the fabric banner instead of having to replace the whole unit at a substantial savings.

Step and repeat banner signs are great for backdrop displays. They are great for product display or branding a company. Many times a company will hire an attractive woman to take pictures with against the backdrop banner with clients. So this way when people go home, they have a souvenir of the event plus your company name in the background of the picture.

Foam Board Signs Are Used At Conventions.

Foam Board signs are perfect for placing on top of tables and desks. Many times a company will use a table at their booth and place these poster board signs on top. They will have a custom table cover sign printed to cover the table. So then they will use foam board signage on easels to display products. They will also place their promotional material and business cards on the table as well. The foam board signs can be made in many sizes to meet your marketing needs.

The foam core signs can also be double sided foam core signs. So this allows you to hang the foam boards. So they can be seen from both sides. The poster board signs come in many sizes. But these poster foam signs can also be attached to walls like pictures. Large foam board signs like 36×72 foam core sign or 48×96 foam core signs can be made for walls.

Sidewalk signs are also used at convention venues. These signs are versatile and can be placed strategically to direct foot traffic to your booth or convey important information. The event venues themselves will use sidewalk signs as directional signs to get people to the right location. But you can also use them to display your products, promotional material.

Las Vegas Banners Are Popular At Event Venues

Banners Las Vegas are very popular at trade shows and conventions. These Las Vegas banners can be made in many different sizes to meet your needs. These custom Vegas banners are made to order. So you can get them in any color and size. They are used for backdrop banners at the rear of convention booths. The backdrop banners are usually 8×8 banners or 8×10 banners. They are held up using an adjustable banner stand. The Las Vegas banners can be made with a 13oz vinyl banner material or be a fabric banner material. Each banner material has its advantages. The fabric banners are slightly more expensive. But they can be machine washed after an event so they look like new for the next show.

Designing Convention Signs Correctly is Important

Designing your convention and trade show booth signs to get attention of attendees is an art. Using vibrant and vivid colors will attract attention of the attendees at your event and get their attention. Using quality pictures and images will enhance your product identification. Nothing looks as bad as a fuzzy picture of the product you are trying to promote. People want to see clear and crisp images.

Utilizing easy to read text to describe what you are promoting or advertising is also important. The text should be easily readable and sized accordingly with the proper spacing. The fonts used should also be readable. Many times graphic designers will use hard to read fonts.

On signs like pull up banners and foam board signs. Using company branding colors also helps promote your business identity and your merchandise


Having stimulating convention signs is a vital tool for garnishing attention from people. Many of the vendors and businesses coming into Southern Nevada for their trade shows and events will use Las Vegas sign companies. So this way they know that their convention signage will be ready when they arrive in Las Vegas. This also saves a lot of money on expensive shipping costs. As the sign printing and banner printing is Las Vegas is some of the lowest in the country. Because there are many sign shops that service the trade shows and events in Las Vegas. Having the signs made locally also takes the worry of your signs being damaged during the shipping process.

Your popular Las Vegas convention signs and convention banners can be delivered to your hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Or they can be delivered to your event venue. This will save you a lot of organizational time trying to track all your signs and banners.