Outdoor Advertising Banners Work

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Outdoor advertising banners work for small businesses in Las Vegas. Small stores and businesses are learning that in order to compete in this recession. They need to take advantage of all advertising opportunities that are cost effective. Las Vegas businesses are using custom vinyl banners as a way of advertising to their customers.

Are Outdoor Advertising Banners Cost Effective ?

Outdoor advertising banners are being custom printed for small stores. So they are used to advertise their merchandise or services to potential customers in a cost effective way. While television advertising and direct mailings are very expensive, placing a vinyl banner on your store’s property is not. At around $5.00 a square foot for a full color banner ( which includes pictures and logos)  a typical 4 ft. x 10 ft. banner would cost around $200 in the Las Vegas area. By placing the banner on your building, you can take advantage of the vehicle traffic that passes by your store.

As you are aware, many people are moving into the Las Vegas area. So they will see your advertising banners as they drive by. People knew to the area are looking for places to shop. And a vinyl banner is one way to attract their attention at a low cost. In fact, businesses located adjacent to the expressways in Las Vegas are using custom banners to advertise to the thousands of cars and trucks that pass by on the freeways everyday. I personally know of a couple of furniture/mattress stores that change out their banners every month so as to advertise new products with great success ! Pizza restaurants are also using this strategy to advertise pizzas and other related foods with a great return on investment. A large pizza banner pays for itself in just a few pizza purchases.

Outdoor advertising banners work ! Take advantage of these cost effective vinyl banners and watch your business grow.