Low Price Banner Signs Vegas

Vegas tradeshow display printing

Low price banner signs Vegas is a great search term when you are looking for cheap priced vinyl banners. So banner signs are growing in popularity in these tough economic times. The vinyl banners are very cost effective and display very well. Many Las Vegas stores are placing these vinyl banner signs on their premises to attract more business. So with all the new residents moving to Nevada it only makes sense to let the new locals know who you are. Also what type of services or products you offer. Many stores will rotate their banner signs. So this allows a fresh new look banner every so often to promote different products or services.

Using vibrant colors and bold text will help get your banner sign noticed. Including pictures that are sharp and crisp also work very well for creating a moment.

Low Price Banner Signs Vegas
Cheap Banner Signs Vegas

Low Price Banner Signs Vegas Come in Many Sizes

So there is no standard banner size. Las Vegas Vinyl banner signs can be made in any size you want. So you can have a 1ft x 3ft banner or a 8.5ft x 25ft banner. There are common size banners like 3ft x 5ft banner or a 4ft x 10ft banner. But there is no set banner size.

The Las Vegas vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent inks. These inks are especially designed to withstand the hot summer sun that makes print fade. The banners are hemmed and then grommets are placed on the banners on all four sides approx. every 2ft apart. This allows the banner to be hung securely. The vinyl banners are full color and can have pictures and images printed on them.


Las Vegas sign stores have some of the most modern printing equipment available. These large format printers can print faster than every before. So this allows for a cheaper priced banner. Because of the speed printing allows more printing.