Las Vegas Step Repeat Banner Printing

Las Vegas 10ft banners

Las Vegas step repeat banner printing allows for backdrop signs that are very popular in Las Vegas. Las Vegas banner printing allows for step and repeat banners to be printed.  So these backdrop banners allow for the printed logos or pictures on your banner to be seen from any angle. When pictures are taken, the text land pictures can always be seen in the background. It is very smart marketing.

Las Vegas Step Repeat Banner Printing
Step and Repeat Banners

What Kinds of Businesses Use Las Vegas Step Repeat Banner Printing ?

Night clubs and special events love this type of signage.  Because it adds prestige to their clubs or event. Many tourists come to Las Vegas to party in nite clubs.  Where special guests like the Kardashians, Brittney Spears and movie stars come party at these clubs and people get to mingle with them. Consequently, the tourists take photographs with their cell phones. Against the backdrop of the step and repeat banners all dressed up.

At special events, VIP’S take their pictures in front of these wall media banners with the name of the event or names of the sponsors on the banner. The pictures with the celebrities names on them are then printed in newspapers and other publications.  And the sponsors get publicity for their products. It is much like product placement in movies where Coke or Pepsi bottles will be strategically placed.  So that the camera catches the name of the bottle for the movie goers to see.


Las Vegas backdrop banner printing is done on a matte banner material.  So that there is no light glare or flash back from the cameras. The vinyl banners are stretched across a wall or with an adjustable display stand.  So that there are no wrinkles in the material. The text or logos are evenly distributed in a pattern across the step repeat banner in the right size. So that these logos or pictures can be seen from any and all angles. Fabric step and repeat banners are also used quite frequently. As the fabric banner material does not wrinkle.

Las Vegas background banner printing is available at many local banner printing stores. So just give them a call for one of these large banners. Delivery and a banner stand can also be arranged.