Las Vegas Poster Signs

Poster board foam signs

Las Vegas poster signs are used at the conventions and shows in Las Vegas. The poster signs can be a multitude of types of signage. Some people refer them to foam poster signs or poster banner signs.

The foam poster signs are also called foam core board signs. These foam board signs are made with a foam board interior with a finished paper on the outside. The signs are light weight and very professional looking. So the trade shows and conventions like to use these types of signs for display. The signs are placed on easels or hung. They are considered temporary signage and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

The poster banner signs are vinyl banners. The vinyl banners are cheap in price and can last a very long time. They last many years when displayed indoors and can last well over a year in the hot climate of Las Vegas. Local businesses in Vegas use these banner signs as a way to advertise. They place their merchandise specials on the banner and then hang them from their buildings. So as the people drive by they can see what specials they are having. The banners can be made in custom sizes to meet your marketing expectations.

If you are located adjacent to the freeways, a large vinyl banner 8ft x 25 foot will look like a billboard to people deriving by. So they will take notice of what you have advertised on your Las Vegas vinyl banner. These banners are great for advertising and will get you exposure to the thousands of vehicles that travel the freeways every day.

Las Vegas poster signs
Poster Board Signs

Las Vegas Poster Signs Are Not Expensive

Large format printers can make Las Vegas poster Sign printing fast and cheap. These modern printers print very fast at excellent quality. These poster printing machines print faster with higher quality than ever before. So that has allowed the price of signs to go down.


So give a sign store a call today for more information on these cheap poster signs. Same day signs is possible as well as help in designing and installation. So just ask your local sign company for additional information.