Las Vegas Large Format Printing.

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Las Vegas large format printing allows you to make very large banners and signs. Vegas large format printing allows you to print on a variety of substrates for your signage needs. So you can print retractable banner stands, step and repeat banners and other types of signs.

Las Vegas Large Format Printing For Large Banners

Las Vegas banner printing allows you to make very large banners similar to large billboard banners. These large banners are being used by successful companies to advertise their products and company name. These companies are placing these large vinyl banners on the sides of their buildings. So that people passing by can see their goods and services that they sell. Also, special events like the Oscars or movie premiers use large format printers to print step and repeat banners so that they can be seen in the background of photographs or videoing.

Vegas sign printing also allows you to make very large signs. These signs can be placed on a building or some other surface. Usually these signs consist of printing on vinyl and then applying this vinyl to an aluminum substrate and then having the sign mounted to a building or pole. Large format printing can also print on cloth backdrops and coroplast signs that are made specifically when you only need temporary signage.

Vegas sign printing can also print on canvas, much like artists painting a picture. These large format printers print at amazing speeds with great color and clarity of colors. Many pictures hanging on business walls are being printed with large format printers.

Large format printers are dominated by companies like Mutoh, Mimaki and Hewlett Packard. These are expensive machines but can produce signs and prints at low costs because of the speed they can obtain when printing. A couple of hundred square feet per hour is obtainable with these type of printers. Most reputable sign shops in Las Vegas have these large format printers.