Las Vegas Giant Banners For Giant Results.

Vegas tradeshow display printing

Las Vegas giant banners are great for advertising. And getting your marketing message out in front of your customers. Vegas large banners are used for outdoor advertising as well as trade shows and conventions. So at the trade shows the companies will hang very large banner signs from the rafters. It is a great way to get the attention of people at the tradeshow.

Las Vegas large banners are being used by exhibitors at trade shows and conventions as backdrop banners. At booths to help get the marketing message across to the people. These large banners act as a storyteller and reinforce what the salesman are convincing you to buy. These banners contain product information, company logos, as well as inform the consumer about the products, but in a large way. These Las Vegas vinyl banners can be used over and over again at the different trade shows and conventions. The big banners attract people’s attention and that gives the sales team the opportunity to answer any questions that they may have. The backdrop banner can then be used as a point of reference during the sales speech.

Las Vegas Giant Banners

Las Vegas Banners

Las Vegas Giant Banners For Marketing

Vegas businesses are also using these large banners as an effective marketing tool. Businesses located on or near the freeways are placing these Las Vegas banners on their buildings.  In a direction to attract the attention of passing motorists. While thousands of vehicles pass by everyday on the freeways and major streets.  So these Las Vegas big banners are acting as a billboard.  But without the huge monthly rental fees of having a billboard. Companies are spending thousands of dollars to rent a billboard every month on a contract basis.  But smart businesses are just buying these large full color banners at around $3.00 a square foot.

The Las Vegas banners last a long time in the outdoor weather. These signs will last longer than a year. So that equates to just pennies a day for advertising to thousands of cars passing your location every day. It is a great cost effective solution to advertising to thousands of clients.


Having employees hang or having a professional sign installer hang these large banners is not expensive.  Once the vinyl banner sign is made and displayed, there are no more costs. These banners are printed with strong vinyl banner material and come with grommets for easy hanging. The banners are full color. Meaning you can have as many colors printed on your vinyl banner as you like. So this includes banner printing of pictures of products and logos. Designing your Vegas banner with concise, easy to read text is a must. As people only have a few seconds to understand the marketing message printed on your large banner. Quality pictures need to be printed so that they make your products look attractive. These pictures also reflect upon the branding of your company. So give a Las Vegas banner a chance to get increased sales and recognition for your company.