Las Vegas Dust Permit Signs

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Las Vegas dust permit signs are mandated by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The purpose of the govt. agency is to protect the air of Southern Nevada. So when construction occurs a lot of dust goes into the air that we breathe. So the govt. takes action to try to limit that pollution by regulating the construction project.

Clark County dust control permit signs are mandated to have certain information on them. This information includes the permittee and the name of the project. So along with this information basic permit number other pertinent information about the permittee is required.

Las Vegas Dust Control Sign

How Are Las Vegas Dust Permit Signs Made ?

So dust permit signs are made by printing a large vinyl sticker. The information on the sticker has to be in compliance with the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The information is required to be printed on the dust sign in certain sizes and in a easily readable font. The vinyl sticker is then laminated. So this helps in protecting the sign against the harsh desert weather. The laminated sticker is then applied to a double sided aluminum panel that has a filler substrate. So this filler panel toughens up the aluminum panel and makes it rigid. The vinyl sticker can also be applied to a wood panel or MDO board as well.

Las Vegas construction companies like the lighter aluminum panel dust sign. The dust control sign can be installed by one person and saves time and money. So the companies also like the fact that the sign can be straightened out if accidentally damaged during the construction process. Quite often a large piece of machinery will run over the sign. So while the wood dust sign gets splintered. The aluminum dust sign can be straightened out.

Your local Las Vegas dust sign company can give you more details and help you obtain your signs.