Las Vegas Big Banners For Big Results.

Las Vegas 10ft banners

Las Vegas big banners will get you big advertising results in Las Vegas. Many Vegas stores and businesses are resorting to using Las Vegas banner signs to get a competitive edge over the competition. These businesses that have the building space.  Are placing large banners on the sides of their buildings. So to attract the attention of people passing by.

Las Vegas Big Banners

Las Vegas Banners

Do Las Vegas Big Banners Work ?

Las Vegas banner signs are especially effective if the business location is near the freeway. Or major traffic avenue where thousands upon thousands of card pass by everyday. In Las Vegas, it is estimated that over 50,000 cars a day are on Interstate 15. So that means you have the potential of having 50,000 people see your Vegas large banner signs on display. I notice that the furniture store at the spaghetti bowl ( 15freeway and 95 freeway ) have large banners on the sides of their buildings.  Advertising that they are a furniture store. In addition, some of the furniture specials they have on sale. They seem to rotate their banners every so often in order to give the store a fresh appearance. Regardless, it is impossible to pass this location without seeing the Vegas banners they have on display. One of the banners must be 20 feet tall by 40 feet wide. It acts as a billboard , but without the monthly rental payments of a billboard.

The cost of the Las Vegas large banner signs run about $3.00 a square feet. This price includes a full color vinyl banner. The banner comes with grommets ( for easy hanging ) and having the banner hemmed on the perimeter for additional strength. The hemming process includes taping the perimeter by folding it upon itself in order to get additional strength of vinyl material folded over.

To find Las Vegas large banners in Las Vegas, simply do a online search for the key terms ” large banners in Vegas”, or ” Large Banners in Vegas” and the search results will guide you to better advertising.