Las Vegas 10ft x 10ft Step Repeat Banners

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Las Vegas 10ft x 10ft step repeat banners are very popular at the night clubs, casinos and special events. These 10×10 step repeat banners offer a great background that allows pictures can be taken against. Also, advertisement on the sign banners to promote a company or logos.

Las Vegas 10ft x 10ft Step Repeat Banners

Las Vegas 10×10 Banners

Where are Las Vegas 10ft x 10ft Step Repeat Banners Used ?

Many birthday parties in Las Vegas have step and repeat banners. These Vegas banners are themed and everybody at the birthday party can have their picture taken against. Usually the birthday step and repeat banners will have the traditional birthday wishes and balloons. Also a saying that is reflective of the birthday person. People can have group pictures taken against these Las Vegas step repeat banners and at the end of the party, people can write their personal birthday messages on the banner for future reflection.

Casinos and night clubs love these step and repeat banners because they can put their company name or logos on the banner so that when people take their pictures against the banner, the casino or night club gets free publicity. Many times in the night club industry, a sponsor of alcohol will get their brand name on the banner as well and pay for the banner as a way to get great advertisement at a low price.

These large step and repeat banners are not expensive, they average around $3.00 a square foot. So a 10ft x 10ft step and repeat banner costs around $300.00. For an additional small amount, you can also get a portable frame that will hold the step and repeat banner. These vinyl banners are full color banners. So you can have as many colors and pictures printed on the step and repeat banner as you like.

Vegas 10ft x 10ft banners are printed on a matte banner finish so that there will be no glare from a light or camera flash. Contact a local sign company in Las Vegas about obtaining one of these banners.