Large Vinyl Banners For Buildings

Las Vegas tradeshow event banners

Large vinyl banners for buildings are increasing in popularity in Las Vegas.  Because of the success many Las Vegas businesses have had in utilizing this marketing strategy. Las Vegas casinos have long known this secret. However many businesses have thought it was economically inefficient to copy this strategy.  But this is not the case.

Large Vinyl Banners

Large Banners

Do Las Vegas Casinos Use Large Vinyl Banners ?

Las Vegas casinos use large banners for the sides of their casinos and hotels. So as to attract attention of people who are on the Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas attracts millions of tourists each year and hosts the biggest and best trade shows and conventions. However because of the large amount of pedestrian and motor traffic on the Las Vegas Strip.  Vegas casinos place enormous size banners on the sides of their casinos. So as to advertise food and entertainment.

Las Vegas vinyl banners for buildings strategy is now being used be the Las Vegas business community as well. For example, there is a large furniture store near the 15 frwy and 95 frwy that uses large banners on the sides of their building to attract attention of everybody driving by. You cannot help but notice these huge banners that advertise their name and furniture specials. Special large format printer do the vinyl banner printing.

Large vinyl banners for buildings are not very expensive and average around $5.00 a square foot. So a large vinyl banner that is 10 feet x 30 feet is $1500.00. ( That price would include design fees, grommets, and hemming ) The installation cost would vary depending on the height of the banner being hung and from the ground and so forth. The good news is that once the print costs and installation costs are paid for, there are no more costs associated with the banner, unlike where you pay monthly rental fees on a billboard. The vinyl banners will have a life expectancy of over a year and can be re-used over and over again. So a Christmas banner one year could be used the next year and so forth. Contact your local Vegas banner store for more information.