Large Political Banners For Political Candidates.

Las Vegas 10ft banners

Large Political Banners are being used by people running for political office in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. People seeking office are finding that custom vinyl banners offer a great ” bang for the buck”.  For there advertising dollar. They will place these large banner signs on “A” frame metal structures on the sides of the streets. So as the people drive by, they see the large banner sign and our political message.

Large Political Banners

Large Banner Signs

Large Political Banners Are Like Billboards

Many would be politicians are renting billboards come election time. So in hopes of getting the public’s attention of who they are and what office they are running for. These billboard rentals cost thousands of dollars.  And are usually rented for a three month period. The cost of the large banners that cover the billboards are therefore spread out over a few months. With large political banners purchased by the would be politician.  Many politicians are using mobile “A” frames and placing them on trailers.  Also placing these trailers or “A” frames on vacant land. And getting the exposure they are seeking from the passing motorists on nearby streets. Once the vinyl banners are made, there are no more additional rental fees associated with the display of these large political banners.

Large vinyl banners cost about $3.00 a square foot. So a large political banner that is 8ft tall x 16ft wide costs about $384.00.   Far less than the thousands of dollars in billboard rental fees. These large vinyl banners can easily be moved and set up at different locations such as meetings, events, etc. While a billboard is stationary, large political banners can be moved for additional exposure.

Big Vinyl banners are full color banners, meaning you can have many different colors on the banner. Also with the picture of candidate to let everyone see their face. These large banners are of high quality and are designed to last a long time in the Las Vegas different weather seasons.


To find large vinyl banners in Las Vegas, simply Google Las Vegas sign shops and locate one near you. These Las Vegas banner printing stores have modern sign printing equipment to make your custom banners fast and at a low cost.