Large Mesh Banners For Wind Resistance.

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Large mesh banners are great for wind resistance. Since the wind goes through the vinyl mesh banner. These wind banners are vinyl banners that allow air to pass thru the banner. So instead of having the wind push against the banner like a big kite.

Large Mesh Banners

Large Vegas Banners

Are Large Mesh Banners Good For Outdoor Events ?

Vegas wind banners are used by businesses or at events. When they are hung between two poles or hung between trees.  The wind then goes thru the small openings in the mesh banners instead of causing force against the banner. This is important because without allowing the wind to blow through the banner.  The vinyl banner is like a big kite. And unless it is secured, it will fly away like a big kite.  The grommets on a vinyl banner cannot handle the pressure of 30 – 40mph winds. Yet, with large mesh banners, the wind passes through the banner.

Mesh vinyl banners are printed just like a normal vinyl banners. Large format printers use state of the art outdoor inks so that the Vegas banners will not lose there coloring in the hot summer sun of Las Vegas.

These large banners are primarily used at events like concerts in the park. At the beach. And in other environments where the wind is a concern. Otherwise, regular vinyl banners are a cheaper form of advertisement and produce a bigger bang for the buck.Mesh printed banners are usually about same cost as a regular vinyl banner. You can expect to pay $5 a square foot. So the mesh banner can be full color.

To find big banners near you, jut do a internet search for ” Las Vegas Large Banners” and the results will produce a vendor that can assist you. Also, Yelp can also supply a list of Yelp 5 star sign stores in Vegas to assist you.